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OSCAM configuration – Amiko Alien Mini (Enigma2 – vix4)

I picked up a new Amiko Alien Mini from my friendly supplier sathouse.co.uk and needed to configure the OSCAM system on it..

This box was updated to run the latest Vix fork, Vix4 from Lavatronics which doesn’t ship with a working OSCAM and quite rightly so. Downloaded the plugin from within the Plugins > Softcams and then needed to configure it. On the Amiko Alien Mini, I selected the SH4 version, not the MIPS. I’ve got oscamsh4 (SH4_ONLY)

Using an FTP client, I connect to the device and downloaded the /etc/tuxbox/config/oscam.server file onto my desktop and deleted all of the entries apart from the following code, which worked with my “gift” provider (If you need a gift, contact me, I’ll put you in touch)

label = newcamd_server
protocol = newcamd
device = my.online.gift,58000
key = 0102030405060708091011121314
user = myuser
password = mypassword
reconnecttimeout = 729867864
connectoninit = 1
group = 3
blockemm-unknown = 1
blockemm-u = 1
blockemm-s = 1
blockemm-g = 1

Uploaded back on the Amiko and away we go. You’ll notice we’re using newcamd, which works without failure where as ccam fails.